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Protection Film

Detail City transparent paint protection film, specially designed to adhere to your vehicle's painted finish. Protection Film is more than just a transparent auto shield, because it can be used in so many different areas of your car (i.e. mirrors, door cups, door edges, rocker panels, rear bumper). The clear, tough, conformable thermo-plastic urethane has ultra violet…
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  Detail City Hydrographics or known as Water Transfer Printing Printing What Is Hydrographics? The water transfer printing process is extensively used to decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards, to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to all types of substrates including plastic,…
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Hydrophobic Wash

Hydrophobic Nano Wash is a new technology that cleans with a improved micro-fluid formulation that penetrates dirt layers, down to the nano- scale of the surface structure. The ultra -wetting ability of the Nano Wash is significant enhanced by a state of the art patent protected micro fluid technology. The extreme  wet ability enables Nano Wash…
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