Plastidip Rubber Dip

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What is Plastidip?

Plastidip is a flexible, rubber coating that was originally used for dipping tool handles. Recently, it has been found to be an easy alternative to painting vehicles.

How well will Plastidip hold up to the elements (sun, rain, etc)?

Whether it's the hot sun beating down its UV rays on your Plastidiped surface, or the constant battering by rain or abrasive road salt, Plastidip resists them all.

How long does Plastidip last?

To be honest it depends on how well you maintain it. However, Plastidip will last for at least 2 years without the need for retouching.

Why Plastidip?

Protect against harmful road debris such as small stone chips and scratches
Elastic and flexible protective coating
Easy and fast colour change without the need to change origional paint colour.
Can easily peeled off with right method
Changing car paint can void your warranty, but not with Plastidip.

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