Professional Polishing

Polishing involves two key steps. First, firmly bonded surface contaminants are removed using tar removers and detailing clay, to leave painted surfaces feeling perfectly smooth. Secondly, sub-surface defects sitting below the paint surface are removed by polishing , which is a broad term for a range of processes that remove or mask paint defects and enhance surface gloss in preparation for the addition of protection.

Paint defects are any form of damage that are cut into the uppermost layer of paint on your car, and include swirl marks, scratches, stone chip damages, water spots and acid etching cause by bird droppings and dead bug remains.

Polishing is known as cure while Glass coating known as prevention.

Type of coating provided in Detail City Car Studio:

Basic Polishing
Advance Polishing
Supreme Polishing

Benefit of Polishing:

Scratch removal
Water stain removal
Stubborn dirt removal
Water repellment
Swirl mark removal
Tar removal
Acid mark removal (bird droppings)

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