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Plastidip Rubber Dip

What is Plastidip? Plastidip is a flexible, rubber coating that was originally used for dipping tool handles. Recently, it has been found to be an easy alternative to painting vehicles. How well will Plastidip hold up to the elements (sun, rain, etc)? Whether it's the hot sun beating down its UV rays on your Plastidiped surface,…
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Professional Polishing

Polishing involves two key steps. First, firmly bonded surface contaminants are removed using tar removers and detailing clay, to leave painted surfaces feeling perfectly smooth. Secondly, sub-surface defects sitting below the paint surface are removed by polishing , which is a broad term for a range of processes that remove or mask paint defects and…
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Design & Customisation

  Out of idea or need new design suggestion? We are expert in providing suggestion for car design and customization. We take pride in the work we do, and in our customer support, which is why we provide pre-visualizations of your project before we begin should you request it. At Detail City we offer full vehicle wraps on…
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